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Station Arcadia Podcast Review

Summary: If the song “Heal The World” by Micheal Jackson was a podcast, this would be it.

Genre/Tag: Sci-fi, Dystopia

This podcast is an honestly baffling mix of sci-fi and fantasy, and I absolutely adore it. It starts off as a sort of anthology, with each episode telling its listeners about the way of life of people in different parts of the world, but the short stories gradually show threads leading to each other as they reveal the bigger picture. Finding these connections and seeing references to a previous story in a newer episode is so exciting, giving you the feeling of solving a mystery before it’s officially revealed by the author. The anticipation caused by this is such a cool experience, and the authors still manage to keep the story fresh by introducing twists we could never have seen coming. 

The themes of revolution are strong in this story, and it chooses to focus on the small acts of individuals that don’t seem too effective on the whole but still do their part in making the world a better place, which is a sentiment as important as it is relevant. It champions the goal of not getting overwhelmed by listing everything wrong with the world, but rather getting together and doing what you can to fix one single thing on the list with the faith that there are other people who are doing the same. The music in this podcast is also so good, I had the fire song from episode 17 stuck in my head for weeks. 

Despite its horrifying stories of capitalistic tragedy and suffering, this podcast has strong feel-good vibes to it, because it’s always reminding us that no matter what happens, as long as we’re not alone we will survive.


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