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ROGUEMAKER Podcast Review

Summary: A rag-tag group of people who made the mistake of choosing the cheapest transport option available are now in a life-or-death situation. Who caused the ship to blow up, and why?

Genre/Tag: Sci-fi, Mystery

The world-building in this podcast is absolutely killer, and the way it’s delivered? Impeccable. I don’t just mean the plot-relevant details, like the disability modifications a ship is required to have by law, but other details that are needed to flesh out a world, a popular video game app, the history of space travel (which we learned through a documentary snippet, brilliant choice of delivery format), the advertisements the characters are forced to sit through; Everything about this universe is so well thought out and put together, it comes to life in your mind. 

The characters are perfectly chosen, coming from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and their dynamics are really cool to listen to, as well as their thoughts on each other. The different ways each of them deal with being isolated and stuck waiting for rescue tell you a lot about them as people, and really work to endear them to the listener and, if they’re lucky, to each other. 

The writer of the story has put a lot of thought into the AI, and you can read about their process here, it was fascinating to me the thought that went into it.

The podcast also acted as a love letter to music and its power to get us through hard times, which I personally loved to see, as artist characters in a survival scenario are often relegated to comic relief or killed for shock value. Additionally, there’s a scene (bit of a spoiler alert here) where a character manages to do something with their knowledge of sign language that they couldn’t through voice command, and it was an awesome bit on how important accessibility accommodations are, kudos to the writer(s) for that.


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