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The Author’s Anathema Podcast Review

Summary: Natalie is hired to make an audio recording of a book, only to find the book filled with the worst memories of people she knows. Curiosity already killed the cat, is our protagonist its next victim?

The Goblet Wire Podcast Review

Summary: A dial-in role-play game where you don’t have to coordinate five different schedules or create your own campaign sounds like a dream come true, but this is no dream.

Desert Skies Podcast Review

Summary: Whether it’s the highway to hell or the yellow brick road to Emerald city that’s destined to be your afterlife, you’ll need a full tank of gas and road trip snacks to get you there. Desert Skies Astral Plane Fuel and Service Station is here for you. 

Badlands Cola Podcast Review

Summary: A PI is trying to track down the family of a recently arrested cult leader, which leads them to a small town with disappearing houses, a recalcitrant radio host, and a few too many dinosaur statues. 


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